Pet Sitting Market Harborough

Our Market Harborough pet sitting service is ideal for a range of customers. Whether it’s cat sitting or dog sitting we can offer home visits that vary in duration.

Mostly this involves short pop-in visits to feed a pet, give them some company and to toilet them or clean litter tray as required. We do also offer overnight pet care in the owner’s own home but this is a less popular service than our dog boarding service.

Sitting Services

Our Market Harborough pet sitting service offers both short home visits and an overnight pet sitting option. Read on to find out what each service offers, what it costs and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book our pet sitting service, or indeed any of our pet services. Whether it’s dog sitting, cat sitting or sitting for other pets we can help.

Our more popular pet sitting service is our short home visits. There are a range of customers who ask about this service. Maybe you have a puppy who is still too young to join group walks and you work full time. Since they are often on 3 meals a day we can do a home visit to feed and water them, toilet them and give them some company to help break up their day until you get home. This service is also popular with cat owners who may be on holiday. Some cats are very independent and prefer familiar surroundings to staying in a cattery. Often all they need to be happy is a couple of daily visits to feed them, clean a litter tray and give them some company.

Our overnight pet sitting service is aimed at dog owners who feel their dog would do better in their own home as opposed to our home dog boarding service. Maybe they are reactive to other dogs or just don’t do well with changes to their home routine. This service also gives your home added security overnight.


Home Visit


  • Pet Feeding
  • Water Top Up
  • Toilet Break
  • Accidents Cleaned
  • Company For Pet
  • Regular Updates

Overnight Pet Sitting


  • Maintain Pet’s Routine
  • Includes Walks
  • House Secure
  • Post Taken In
  • All Pets Considered
  • Regular Updates

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