Town and Country Vets Market Harborough

Town And Country Vets Market Harborough

If you are an existing pet owner who has recently moved to Market Harborough or a resident who has recently acquired your first pet, you will no doubt be looking for a local vet to register with. One such popular vet who will probably be on your shortlist is Town and Country Vets Market Harborough. In this article I will look at what they offer. In future articles I will look at a few other local vets so that readers can make some comparisons on factors most important to them.

Town and Country Vets Market Harborough Opening Times

With many pet owners working full time, finding a vet with long opening hours is often a deciding factor so that you don’t have to take time off work. Their website states their opening hours as 8:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday. They are also open Saturday from 8:30am until noon. Many full time workers will find these hours quite tight but they seem to be similar with the local competition. I did note however that Ash Tree Vets is open until 7pm during the week and also has longer hours on Saturday.

Town and Country Vets do state that out of hours emergency care for pets will be handled by Vets Now at their Moulton surgery. I’ve visited the Vets Now surgery before and it’s impressive for the more serious type of operation. However it’s located in Northampton rather than Market Harborough and it doesn’t sound like this partnership extends to a sharing of your pet’s records.

Opening hours are probably a secondary factor to quality of care and prices. However for some people a vet with longer opening hours could hold more appeal.

Town and Country Vets Prices

When visiting their website I was pleased to see that they are very transparent about pricing. Their prices page clearly states the cost of some of the more common treatments. The following are just a few examples:

  • Cat, dog or rabbit consultation £40.00
  • Booster vaccination for dogs £46.00
  • Empty anal glands (dogs) £20.00
  • Nail clipping for dogs, cats and rabbits £14.00
  • Dog castration £205.00 – £235.00 (depending on weight)
  • Bitch spay £235.00 – £265.00 (depending on weight)
  • Cat castration £60.00
  • Cat spay £95.00

I can’t really comment on how these prices compare with other local vets but I’d imagine they are in the same ball park. Interestingly I didn’t see any mention of any pet care plans that they offer. Many vets offer such plans which are designed to spread the cost of things like booster vaccinations, flea and worming medication etc on a monthly basis. Such plans also offer discounts on other services that are not included within the plan such as operations and dentistry work. Pet care plans are said to reduce the cost of pet care to the customer. The benefit to the vet I suppose is customer loyalty / retention.

Town and Country Location and Contact Details

There are a number of vets within a short distance of one another in this part of Market Harborough. This particular vet’s contact details are as follows:

Town and Country Veterinary Centre,
48 Northampton Road,
Market Harborough,
LE16 9HE
Telephone 01858 465668
Email –

If you would like to visit their website the URL is

Their premises is a very modern and clean looking building and I’m pleased to say that they have their own large free car park for customers. If you are a customer of Town and Country Vets Market Harborough feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. Alternatively if you are registered with another local vet and would like to give them a shout out please do and we might feature them in a future article.

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